Five Ways Busy Books Help Build Your Youngster’s Brain

Emma McCarthy


The first few years of life are a time of constant learning and development, and one of the best ways to support a child’s growing brain is through sensory experiences. Through touch, babies and toddlers start to make sense of the world around them; by introducing them to a variety of textures, you are literally helping your youngster’s brain to grow.

Filled with felt, zips, strings and buttons, Pretty Childish’s sensory books – designed in NZ – are tactile wonderlands that will help build your wee one’s mind in the following ways:

Learning Language

By simply describing what you see on each page of the baby busy book, you are introducing new words to your baby – and you can be sure that baby is absorbing every minute of it. As you graduate to busy books for bigger kids, the children can get involved by telling you what they see and eventually creating stories of their own. All of this helps build their vocabulary and develop their language skills.

Inspiring Imagination

Kids are naturally curious and by giving them a few simple tools, they’ll amaze you with the worlds they can create. Sensory books are filled with colours, shapes and textures that will get your little one’s creative juices flowing. While reading to your children is wonderful, quiet books come with no words or instructions, giving youngsters an opportunity to take the lead and let their imaginations run wild.

Encouraging Fine Motor Skills

Gaining control of those smaller muscles of the hands and fingers is no easy task. Sensory books not only offer plenty of opportunity to practice these skills, they also provide quiet time to let this development sink in. Babies will work on their pincer grip opening the doors in the baby quiet books while the busy books for toddlers will see them match shapes, line up clothes and tie knots.

An Introduction to Problem Solving

With pages that are themed but contain no words or guidance, quiet books are the ultimate example of thinking outside the box. Playing with these books may be quiet but it isn’t passive; the very nature of busy books inspires unique perspectives, thought and decision making which are three key ingredients to problem solving.

Quiet Time Recharges the Brain

Ever notice that your youngster can get pretty wound up after a full on day of play dates and outings? Little brains need quiet time to process the world around them and sensory books provide just that – time and space to sit quietly, reflect and take a break from the strains of physical development and social interaction. You may even find your child recreating something that happened during the day within the pages of their quiet book – this is brain recharge in action!

Support your toddler’s growing brain with Pretty Childish’s range of sensory books. Shipping is available throughout New Zealand and overseas.

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