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Six Times When Quiet Books Will Save the Day

Emma McCarthy


We don’t want to be too dramatic, but sometimes sensory books can be a lifesaver!

The Pretty Childish quiet books were created by a NZ mum with busy little kids looking for a way to keep them entertained while stimulating their development. But as it turns out, there are so many more scenarios than I could have ever dreamed up when these quiet books come in handy!

On that note, here are six times where sensory quiet books will save the day.

When You Run Out of Words

We all know how valuable it is to speak to our children – it teaches them language and communication skills – but sometimes you just run out of words. If you’re having one of those quiet days, quiet books are a great way to start talking again.

Simply point to different objects in the book and describe what you see. Start with colours, shapes and objects, then move on to descriptive words and short sentences. From here things will naturally build and just like that, you’re talking to your youngster again.

Calming a Hyper Child

An over-stimulated little kid responds well to calming, grounding activities like quiet books. They are filled with sensory objects that direct your child’s energy and attention onto interpreting the information. If you’ve got an excited toddler on your hands, pull out the sensory book and watch them come back down to earth.

You’re Stuck Waiting

Whether it’s in the car, the doctor’s surgery or the supermarket, nobody likes waiting and this is certainly true of toddlers. Having a quiet book in your handbag is like a secret weapon to keep a little one happily occupied while you’ve got no choice but to wait.

Going on Holiday

If you’re family holiday packing list doesn’t have quiet books on it, you’ll want to add it right away. Busy books are great at keeping kids quiet on the plane, entertained at the beach, and content at the hotel between activities. A holiday really feels like a holiday when you’ve got sensory books on hand.

Introduce Challenging Ideas

Sometimes kids ask questions that parents aren’t prepared to answer. If your child has sprung a serious topic on you before you’re ready, speaking about the topic through busy can help. Create scenarios within your quiet book or use the objects within the pages to illustrate your response. This helps parents feel less awkward and reminds you to use simple and relatable language that youngsters can understand.

You Need a Cup of Tea

We’ve all had those days – the house is a mess, dinner is not made, emails keep coming through and the kids are running around like headless chickens. The best thing to do is get the kids sorted with a reliable activity that will keep them busy for a good fifteen minutes while you can regroup. Quiet books have kept more than a few parents sane during those ‘need a cuppa!’ moments.

We’d love to hear when your Pretty Childish quiet book saved the day for you!

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